This site is a place for us to kick ideas around about the cross disciplinary endeavour that most call ‘law and geography’ but which also goes by the name ‘legal geography’ and more occasionally ‘geographies of law’.

We are interested in building here - in a collaborative, open and exploratory way – a conversation that leads to the gathering of views and resources around the theme of:

- What is law and geography?
- What else could it come to be and/or address?
- What are the key, and also the lesser known, texts and other media?
- What evidence of encounters with the intersection of law and geography can we share?

It is a modest work in progress. It has been set up as an aid to collaboration by:

Luke Bennett – Sheffield Hallam University, UK – ku.ca.uhs|ttenneb.e.l#ku.ca.uhs|ttenneb.e.l
Antonia Layard – University of Birmingham, UK – ku.ca.mahb|drayal.a#ku.ca.mahb|drayal.a
Wendy Jepson – Texas A&M University, USA – ude.umat.soeg|nospejw#ude.umat.soeg|nospejw

The site is administered by Luke Bennett.

We've made the site 'open access' so that anyone can join in the conversation. We will happily add the names of other contributors, and give edit rights to fellow academics and equivalent.

We don't want to be prescriptive about where the conversation might lead - therefore have kept this site very basic to start with. If we concentrate on building a lively set of discussions in the forum thread perhaps these can be spun off into some collaborative wiki based thematic collaborations.

So, what's currently here is:

1) THE FORUM (the link upper right side of this page): We'd like the forum area to be a place to chat, to toss in ideas, pointers, interesting quotes, provocations, upcoming events. The idea being that it's the thought that counts - just throw it in and see what happens. Feel free to participate by starting a thread or commenting on existing posts. You'll see that there's also a thread set up for photos illustrating those moments of law and geography collision (you'll find instructions on how to upload photos in an early posting there).

2) THE WIKIS: Going forward we'd like to have some wikis here that can be collaboratively written and evolved. Early wiki projects could be:

- a scoping exercise to map out the boundaries (and onward interconnections) of law and geography
- a collaborative bibliography
- a page in which every contributor can tell how they came to be involved in straddling law and geography, and what it feels like to do so…

Here are links to the wiki pages we have so far:

If you like, please tell us a little about yourself and your path to law and geography by adding a biographical paragraph to the 'Contributors' section.

The key to this site working will be tagging contributions - over time this will build clusters of ideas. So, please do add some tags as you contribute.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License