What is 'law and geography?'

This is an incomplete list of headings - maybe it will grow into something more. Feel free to add extra headings or to take the plunge and start suggesting the next level of detail…

What is law and geography?

What is the role of the ‘and’ bit?

How do you do it?
- Methodologies
- Barriers to engagement (1) by lawyers (2) by geographers

Why do it?
- Reasons for getting involved
- [some case studies would be good here]

Who are the ‘close relations’ and where is the dividing line?


- Environmental law
- Socio-legal studies
- Planning Law
- Property Law
- Cartography and cadastral surveying
- Land management
- Political Geography
- Natural Resource Law
- Housing Law
- Native Title & Land Rights
- Right to the City
- Critical Urbansim
- Municipal Law
- Regulatory Law
- Historical Geography
- Cultural Geography
- Human Rights Law
- International Relations


- Construction Law
- Town & Country Planning
- Real Estate
- Management
- Architecture
- Land / Estate Management


- Legal Anthropology
- Material Culture Studies
- Legal Semiotics
- Comparative Law
- Environmental Psychology
- Environmental Criminology
- Performance Studies
- Heritage Studies
- Hospitality / Place / Facilities Management

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